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It Died

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Oct 4 '13

Hi, doll people! I need your help~

So, I don’t know if anyone has seen this post I just made about a friend who needs a transplant to help improve his vision.

The donation website doesn’t accept paypal, which I’m guessing can probably turn some people off. Plus I know some people have trouble giving money when they aren’t getting anything back, so I’m doing a commission event to try and raise money for him.


Need a faceup but only have $10? Totally okay! Every little bit helps. All I ask is you cover shipping charges (otherwise I won’t have anything to donate!)

I have a thread on DOA here, where you can find more detailed information about my normal commissions. Feel free to contact me there, or message me here (I can also supply my email to people if you’d prefer to communicate that way).

Please help me to help him out!

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    Help GTK out :< Or else. Or else please do it? Please? ; A; At least please share this?
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    Help my friend, okay? ;3;
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    I know I’ve got some doll lovers on here!
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    This is an amazing cause and is making me teary eyed because vision is so important to me and I hope you raise a ton of...
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